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TechJoomlaQuick intros: Eoin, Ryan, Melvyn, Joe, Gary, Phil, Dave, George, Andrew, Lincoln and Andrew Gould.

We also had a celebrity visitor from the Joomla Leadership Team.

Quick discussion on what's happened ... not much. We have developed a soon to be rolled out email template for registrations of the JoomlaLondon website and Newsletter.

Gantry5 is now at version 5RC2, which was one of the topics of last month.

We then had a secret update from George on the status of Joomla and J3.5. Announcements to follow shortly.

George was happy enough to discuss openly about many things but as I'm not sure what is public and what not, I haven't included it here.

Then followed a discussion on microdata and Joomla's implementation of it. The difficulties involved have made it a very precarious feature to implement and I think that's reflective in the amount of uptake. I've only seen it in Joomlart templates and RSJoomla component RSEvents. I'm sure there are others, but I think one of the things that doesn’t help is its invisibility.

This lead on to a discussion about Hannes pull requests and the new router. The reason these haven't been pushed through is because there has been a distinct lack of testing. Phil suggested that we as a group get involved and we should do some testing to help move things along.

The discussion then ambled through updating, backward compatibility, compatibility layers and Joomla4. Phil did a brief review of his spider's findings on site builds, hacking exploits and hacked sites.

Andrew Gould kicked off a discussion on Learning systems. He mentioned a pending release from TechJoomla called Shika which looks very promising. This lead on to a discussion on CCKs and using those to create a LMS from the ground up.

And that was it!!

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