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LayOutItWe start the evening running through why we couldn't get the patch tester running on two of our servers. Turns out the issue is somewhere in the patch tester and is affected by a PHP setting called open_basedir. Setting this to none made the patch tester work, leave it at default and the patch tester can't find any files to apply.

Phil then described an issue with the “From” email address setting in Global Configuration. If you set a from address here but don't enter anything in contacts, the server randomly sends from usernames who are actually logged in.

By adding an entry into contacts with the required from address (of the same domain), this seems to override this emailing "feature" and sends from the address entered into contacts.

Eoin told us about Layoutit.com which is a bootstrap wireframe builder, a really quick way to mock up web pages for clients.

Phil informed us J2Store has expanded their offering which now works with Seblod, DJCatalog and other components as well as Joomla core.

Joomla! 4 jab notesGeorge pointed out that Joomla 4 preview team had come up with the functionality for the new version. And that at the same time a call for UI/UX volunteers to join the re-invigorated JUX working group. If you're interested, get details from https://volunteers.joomla.org/working-groups/joomla-4-architecture

The conversation rambled on through what might or might not be coming, like the J3.5 version in October. There was talk of a lot of decoupling of features but this looks to have been delayed. com_message will however still be decoupled. Hannes's routing stuff will be going in … Yay!

Then there was lots of other talk, relative to Joomla 4, mostly developer stuff that not many of us understood. Some stuff about databases and the possible use of a more generic database driver called DBAL. Sounds cool!

This lead us somewhat tiredly to trying to sort out an issue for Eoin who is having a problem with activating his certificate. We found a resource that was supposedly being loaded as http but when we found the entry in the css it was explicitly being loaded by https. One other symptom apart from the broken https was that google analytics and another of rok_somethingorother was being loaded repeatedly and quietly running out of memory in the back ground, he managed to resolve the issue on his own at a later date www.squareballoon.co.uk.

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