#JUGL meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month



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GantryQuite a low turn up which is probably down to the lack of social media activity done this month. Anyway following intros, we ran through things we could discuss. There hadn't been too much Joomla activity so we turned our attention to RocketTheme’s new Gantry5 framework. Currently in beta3, this template framework has been completely re-written from the ground up. It has several excellent features of note one of them being that it is designed to be framework agnostic meaning you can use your own CSS/JS framework within Gantry to build your sites.

jugl tmp ggl 180First time back and writing for quite some time.... One new face and some old faces to get Feburaries meetup underway. We start the evening discussing the new Joomla London blog.

Agenda for first Joomla London meeting

17th February 2009 at UCL

As it is the first meeting and we have no idea of numbers, experience and expectation we will keep the meeting informal and open. We will hope for input from others.

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